August 26, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is CleggPromo voluntarily recalling the CPB-100 power bank, model 625401?

A: CleggPromo is voluntarily recalling the CPB-100 power bank, model 625401 because the product can overheat, explode and catch fire.


Q: How many units are being voluntarily recalled?

A: About 1500.  Of the 1500 units being recalled, about 1000 are believed to be in the hands of consumers.


Q: Have there been any reports of incident/injury because of this recall?

A: There has been one reported incident of the power bank overheating, exploding and catching fire, resulting in fire damage.  . There have been no reports that anyone suffered an injury as a result of the power bank being recalled.


Q: Will I receive a substitute for my affected power bank(s)?

A: Yes.  Once CleggPromo receives your recalled power bank, we will send to you a set of 20 Executive Twist Pens, product no. 3345.


Q: Do I have to return my power bank(s)?

A: Yes


Q: Is it safe to use my power bank in the meantime before I return it?

A: No, immediately stop using the recalled power bank and contact CleggPromo for a free set of executive pens as the recall remedy.


Q: How do I return my power bank?

A: You need to contact CleggPromo by phone (800-842-2909) or email ( to let us know that you have a unit covered by this recall.  Once we confirm that you have a CPB-100 power bank that is being recalled, we will send you a pre-paid shipping box in which you can return your power bank.


Q: Where was the power banks manufactured?

A: China


Q: Where was the power bank sold?

A: The power banks were promotional products given away as handouts at corporate events, meeting, trade shows and conventions from January 2014 to April 2015.